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Corporate America Broken–Opportunity Knocking

Last night I met with about 25 people in a Million dollar home in Raleigh, they also have a 3000sq/ft lake home. We were there to discuss and learn about one of the fastest growing Companies and opportunities in America. … Continue reading

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Smart Phone EVO

WOW Smart Phones I just got a new EVO and like most men I did not attempt to read the small print manual, “Just wing It” Well my Smart phone is very soft touch and I am sorry if I … Continue reading

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For thirty (30) years I have recruited and placed Engineers, Software and Management professionals for Companies around the world. Some of my clients were Exxon, Shell, Mobil, Dupont, Duke, GE and many other companies. The clients were happy the position … Continue reading

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investing in yourself on Empire Avenue

The best thing about EAv is the constant learning about all things Social Media, from the players and their Web sites and blogs. I have been off site working for the last two weeks and saw my shares rop from … Continue reading

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