Well I am back at it, into the throes of recruiting.  You really have to love this business to keep coming back. As for recessions and depressions, it does not matter who is President or who is in charge of the House or Senate the USA has some form of stock market downturn and re-adjustment about every five years.

My income is easily tracked by my social security contributions, and they really parallel the rise and falls of the stock market.  Exclusive of High flying companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other fast rising Software plays, companies around the country are just beginning to recover and after 2 years of reorganizations and layoffs, and now faced with a two year Presidential Election Campaign we may have to wait and see.

When I started recruiting 30 years ago in Houston, I suffered the Oil crash of 1981-82, and we coined the term “New Wave Firing”.  Even if companies were OK, they had an excuse to layoff and get rid of DEAD WOOD, so they adopted the 10% cuts, then 25% cuts. I went from being really busy and top producer to ZERO income for 6 months straight.

The demand is rising and starting to shift to a Candidate market for Certain skills, salaries will begin to creep up and after 2+ years of no raises there will be Corporate wide raises after companies try to hire and lose candidate and get rejections because they missed the MID POINT.

Why do I say  “The Art of  the DEAL”  Trump.  and a classic sales training quote “you win some, you lose some, Next”  it’s a numbers game.

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