Charles Rein has live in Houston, Syracuse and North Carolina. As a Professional Recruiter he is an Expert in Technical recruiting in Refinery/Chemical Engineering, Business Systems Integration and Automation and Data in the areas of Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Data mining and Data Governance.  He has growing interest in Social Media, Mobile apps and Networking and how they are rapidly exploding  the amount of available data that TerraBytes is now considered a common storage term.

Charles and his wife raised 6 children between the ages of 25 and 35 who are successfully building their careers and raising families with little or no parental support, even in these hard economic times.

Charles has significant experience in Counseling to include  Youth Group Homes (4) and Mental Health Hospitals(4).

His experience has allowed him to have compassion for those who need a hand up, and an Ear to listen to candidates who need a Career change.

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