Brand Management “You, Inc.” Your Personal Profile

As a 30 year Professional Recruiter in the Technology area to the VP level, many people  get their first position and do not have a career goal or active plan.  Corporations have a plan, and the steps to each process, but most individuals are not in tune with how to climb the ladder of success. Regardless of the company or career I.E. (banking and accountant) or (Oil and Engineer), the path is the same because the Corporate Internal HR people go to all the Talent Management  and compensation training and share best practices.
The corporations use the same Template for hiring;  Company Vertical and Skill with years of experience.  0-2 years, 2-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-15 years. At any point the Accountant or Engineer goes through the experiences and level I, II, III, IV and if they master the (management secret) they can start tracking in that as early as 13 months ( top tier Golden Boy or Lady) to first promotion, and as late as 7-15 in large corporations. 

So just like HR cannot give you real 401k investment tips, they really have no Skin in your Game to give you career advice.  If you work for a manager who is not promoting or looking out for you it is time to find another pond to swim in.

A Paid Coach is working for you, because they are a Paid Coach!  So skip Starbucks and make a pot of Coffee, carpool with a friend and invest in yourself. You have very little control over your 401k, but you can look to boost the amount on money you earn and the matching from the next higher paying job.
You must realize that you are the Brand, your Brand encompasses everything you have done and accomplished. People hire People, but first you have to get through the Hiring maze and the automated systems that could block or stop your visibility.
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