Business AND-OR Opportunity



Technically I have worked for myself from home since 1984 and utilized the internet to find Companies, Jobs and the People to fill the JOBS

But Recruiting is very hard and it would cost me 2-3 months and $10,000.00+ to hire and fully train a recruiter to be productive and they would be earning $50,000 to $125,000+ and like many JOBS, even when you work for yourself, “You’re Only As Good As Your Last Placement”

I wanted a way out, something I could build and do in RETIREMENT, something withresidual income. So I discovered AFFILIATE INCOME,  the Secret to making money online. BUT, that is the revenue!

The REAL SECRET is finding the People who have been successful and the relationshipand time they are willing to give to help you grow your business!

That’s when the growth starts, I now have 5-10 new friends above me who are MENTORS andTRAINERS to me and they are all Presidents, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs who graciously share their time to build my business.

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