Career Age Discrimination and LIFE

What is life, Career and Success  all about?!!!!

I have 6 children, they are between the ages of 25 to 35 and 5 own homes and are in various stages of their careers, and one in Med School. My Father had 6 boys, he called us his Pall BEARERS 😉

As we got together for Christmas for about 5 hours, really a great feat  since we live in:

4 different cities

careers in Call Center/Customer service hours, Medical careers and Holiday coverage, Med School

and Spouses, In Laws

everything that makes it hard for 13 people to meet anywhere

What made it unique is that we had the InLaws for two of the my Children come, so we actually had Three full families at a Residential Community center.

As everyone got updated about their jobs, who is happy, who is doing well and who is just happy to get a pay check, we talked little about that and really about Facebook interactions, the latest Movies “We are Big Movie Family” and just old family stories and laughs and maybe updating on old family friends…lots of laughs and hugs. We  raised our children and I was pretty much a Work from Home Dad able to make time to coach, volunteer and chauffeur them accordingly.

So where am I going with this…..  so here is Sit on 12-31-12 making my goals for 2013.

See I am successful, because my Children are on their own making progress and making a living!

I filed for Social Security last month, and I laughed as I filled out the forms, since the last recession wiped out my last 401k and we can’t live on Social Security, and you have to answer a whole bunch of questions about making money or working and staying within the additional income guidelines.

I have been Self Employed since 1984 and  I am coming off the Recession of 2008-2012 and planning my income for 2013 and the future. So the best part of being Self Employed is the freedom and the ability to look for sources of revenue and to kick start some recruiting again. I just closed a deal to end the year!

As a Professional Recruiter, the JOB market is very tough according to IBM (former Client–I dropped them) has 383 jobs in consulting, as a Recruiter that means they have need for people with 5-10 years exact experience and not making more than $125,000.00. They do not want someone with 20 years of the exact experience willing to work for $125,000.00, and they do not want someone with 2 years experience, since they hire the young employees direct from college.

So What is a Person who needs MONEY, SALARY, REVENUE to do?

Now 2012 was great as I discovered how to crack the areas of  Networking, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and OnLine Marketing. It took hours of searching and webinars and the tiny little secret that no one tells you about.  It is the Secret Society of Power NETWORK M MARKETERS! 

Now there is no SECRET handshake society, not like the MASON’s who stop talking when you walk in their midst, no the secret is……..

 There are no JOBS for MEN over 40

No that’s not the secret….that’s the truth!!!!  No not really there are some jobs, they pay less and they have no career path, and while you are working away you’ll watch the stream of people coming in and getting promoted and moving on. Hey it’s not their fault, you had your chance from 22-40.

Well Part of the SECRET I discovered is HERE.  In this Free eBook  The 7 Lies of Network Marketing

Now the Good thing about being Self Employed at 62 is that given my family Longevity history I HAVE a FULL 20+ years to work and EARN and LIVE where ever my wife Let’s me….. 😉 ….

The eBook is NOT THE SECRET, but it is the first step to finding the path!

So check out the best information I learned about Internet Marketing, and how to make money on the Internet.

See because the Seven Lies are really 7 Truths 

It is about Networking and while Networkers work alone they do not have to be alone.

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