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A Great Career Read on Real Hiring in Silicon Valley from Michael Wolfe

My comments are as follows:


I learned recruiting in Houston 79-84, and became an expert in Chemical Engineering and Process Automation/Simulation. I had the top five of the top Oil Companies and top 3 Process Automation companies as clients. Our company evolved from Personnel firms to recruiting firms. I self taught on how to recruit before Monster, LinkedIn Et al.

The difference in oil Companies is that they wanted 5 years BSCHE, Refinery FCC design engineer, who fit the salary midpoint, and everyone with 5 years was making the midpoint and no bonus or stock options. So where is the motivation. and the 1981 recession killed all hiring for years so it eliminated a hiring pool.

Now 2012, we come out of a 4 year recession and everyone is looking for Hadoop with 5 years experience. But who hired and trained anyone.

Engineers don’t get recruiting and Corporate HR/Recruiters don’t get or can related to engineers. I actually don’t know any HR people

And companies that are in desperate need of talent, pay contract recruiters below average and treat contingency recruiters like dirt.

One of the biggest problems in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, NY Hi tech meccas, is that nobody from no Name school, middle America can make the Stanford/Cornell/Princeton interview grade.

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