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Social Media Tips – The Importance of Images in Social Media

See on – Mentalist Learn about the importance of images in Social Media. Try these great Social Media tips to help you brand or organization succeed through using images. See on

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$11 Billion in Spending

Social Media Advertising spending  to pay big   Where is your source of Revenue   a Penny here and Penny there. Affiliate Revenue I LOVE Commissions

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Internet Recruiting. As a Professional Recruiter I have recruited for some of the hardest Software and Engineering  jobs in the Country.  As a Specialist In Chemical Engineering, I recruited for Exxon, Mobil and Shell,   and since you have to … Continue reading

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Sales and Cold calling

I have worked in Sales for most of my career with the bulk in Technical Recruiting. If you are not cold calling in recruiting you are not making a living. Software/Engineers who are happily employed are not calling or sending … Continue reading

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Official Google Enterprise Blog: Bringing Google+ to work

See on – Career Branding On the Google Apps team, we wake up every day excited to work on products that are powering a fundamental shift in business technologies. Whole companies are moving into the cloud, where they rely on the … Continue reading

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OK so everyone is trying to figure out how to make money on the internet….but it is so confusing. Everyone is selling but no one is answering the phone. As a Matter of fact you cannot even find a phone … Continue reading

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Where Does Google+ Fit Into Your Social Media Tool Kit?

See on – Career Branding From The Article: “Time Spend by Average Social Networking User per month (Infographic compiled and designed by   Thus measuring time spent and user engagement reflects poorly on the benefits of Google+ which … Continue reading

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How to Be a Famous Blogger

Posted by Maximilian Majewski on Jun 15, 2012 | 8 Comments If you clicked on the title in hopes of finding all the answers, then you might be disappointed. In concept, knowing how to achieve something is simple, but making it happen is the hard part. This … Continue reading

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10 Business Social Media Tips In 2 Minutes | SEO Xcellence Blog

See on – Career Branding Some short business tips for you on a busy business day. See on

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Best SEO

Source: via Charles on Pinterest

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