Internet Recruiting. As a Professional Recruiter I have recruited for some of the hardest Software and Engineering  jobs in the Country.  As a Specialist In Chemical Engineering, I recruited for Exxon, Mobil and Shell,   and since you have to recruit from a company, I recruited from Amoco/BP, Chevron and Texaco.  To be a successful Internet recruiter you have to be a HUNTER, A  Strong Communicator and a Closer.

As my career progressed I recruited for all the HOT BUZZWORDS … CRM, BI, DW, MDM and Analytics. While this may mean nothing to a civilian, it means DATA, MORE DATA and DATA Infinity.

My latest and hardest challenge was a personal search to find out “How do People Make Money On The Internet”

You See, I have worked from home, and made money on the internet as a recruiter since 1991, but recruiting is hard, very hard!!!

My Search took a full YEAR and I found Ann  Seig, and the Renegade TEAM with her free book:

“The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing”

Her Training is Product Neutral, her TEAM of Experts are Stellar, and if I was recruiting for a  Social Media Network Expert I would introduce Ann to every client I had.

So get your free copy and learn how this book could change your life. The one thing I can guarantee is that if you complete Ann’s Training program your business will soar and if you wanted a JOB, you could design your position to a local company.

“The 7 Great Lies”

SO I’ll end this with a favorite Sales Quote from Zig Ziglar, RIP, “I’ll See You at the TOP”

Charles Rein






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