Coach and Mentors

As Children and sometimes through College, we are guided by people directly and indirectly in everything we do. In school we have teachers (good and bad) who have influence over us in for up to 9 hours a day.  Our parents who love us may be totally immersed in our success or may just watch us grow up.

If you ever played team sports, you were part of something and were coached and even felt the exhilarating success of a winning season. Often in society today, Sports success, the drive to be a starter, above average,  is often dependent on the extra coaching and playing involved in Travel teams and tournament play. If you don’t play AAU basketball, you probably won’t make the varsity team!

After college we try and find success in the Field of our education, and find in good economies and bad, that the 16 years of education, training and coaching has often left us unprepared for the real world.

Very few Companies have well defined Mentoring programs, and often after a brief  1 week to 8 week training and on-boarding program, we find ourselves locked in a career path that may not even be close to our career planning dreams.

I became a Professional Recruiter after answering an ad, but it is because of seeking out coaches and mentors, that I continuously upgraded my skills and I became a successful business person.

So it always amazes me when people will do and spend nothing to move on!!!!

Personally I have two Mentor/Coaches

In Professional Recruiting it is:

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS  President  Good as Gold Training

And in Online Media, Content and Business Building it is:

Ann Seig and the Renegade TEAM

So with government ready to up the retirement age, you now may have an extra 3-5 years of working so, what are you doing to get your life going?

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