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Most people do not understand the educational system in America. I went to private Catholic grammar school St Margaret’s, in Mattydale, NY. It was a very mixed Anglo Saxon second and third generation suburb of Syracuse, NY. Most people had good jobs and were working class as the Union employees of GE, GM, Chrysler, Carrier and other major corporations. Very few were professionals or business owners. My dad never finished high school and my mom was a HS grad. I also attended a All Male Catholic High School, Christian Brothers Academy.

While my education was probably the best available, we had a large family 9 children, and we were sent to good schools, but not really guided to select or make a good career choice. Our parents sent us out the door to school and left it to the schools to educate us. Good study and learning habits were not instilled, and we pretty much just followed the HERD.

Many of my brothers and sisters ended up getting into the Major Area Corporations but as Union worker/Labor employees and not into a Management or a planned career path, as our parents did well to afford us an education, but they did not know or understand the game.

After 10 years and one child, I completed my College and Military experience (drafted), I had credits from 6 colleges, AS and BS degrees and with no real career path. I started working as a Engineering Agency recruiter in Houston, TX. It is really straight Commission sales, and after many long hours and seat of the pants training, I developed a successful niche and have made the majority of my income independently since 1984 in Recruiting.

As a believer in trying to better my self and learn new skills, I continuously acquire and attend training from industry experts. I have a Personal Coach in Recruiting and recently started a Coaching Program with Ann Seig and the Renegade Marketing Team to learn how to build an Online Marketing business and better develop my Personal Brand.

As a Professional recruiter, it often baffles me when I talk to someone who has spent $50000 to 200000 to get a BS or MS degree, and then they never spend any personal money for their own career improvement.

In corporate America the very select few, less than 1%, the “Golden Boy or Girl” are hired with the intent of developing and mentoring that person for true growth up the corporate ladder. Relatively few Companies have true Management Development Programs similar to GE, and even still few opportunities to be selected.

So what is left for the masses?

Take responsibility for your life and career, find a coach who may also be a mentor, and work on a plan to take your life and family to the next level.

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