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Do you have a corner office?

When I started my recruiting Career in Houston, Texas, I would drive around the city looking at all the High Rise Executive buildings and say to myself, “they have to have a thousand employees, so how many fee’s could I generate from that building”? I thought it should never be a problem making a good living.

Unfortunately I was not aware of how devastating the Recession of 1981-82 would have on Houston or my career.  I adjusted and survived, as a matter of fact I was the only employee of our firm to have positive income and I did that in 6 months while teaching myself how to RECRUIT.  See the corner office with a window did exist, but it was for someone with very narrowly defined skill sets.  In my recruiting skill set, the clients wanted a “Chemical Engineer with a MS degree and 5+ yrs designing a Process Automation System with the Honeywell TDC 1000”

I left Houston after 5 years, after many memories, and now I have been working from home for over 25 years.  I found that no matter where I live, my business (Recruiting), is robust in times of Low Unemployment and functionally bankrupt in times of recessions. The problem in the world is that there is a recession every 3-5 years and in normal times they last about 18 months.

'Work from Home" self employed

Work From Home

In a world of Desktops, Smart Phones, Social Media and Internet, I no longer need a high priced office or commute to function in the Global Society. I specialize in Intellectual Capital and the ability to help Companies and People realize their potential value in the Global Marketplace.

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  1. Martin Dale says:

    Hi, Charles!

    It’s always inspiring to read about different personal struggles and triumphs. Thanks for sharing yours!


    • steve says:

      Hi Martin, Thanks for your comments! I see we are connected through Ann Sieg and the Renegade team. We also have something in common, More that 2-3 children and doing Mission trips. I have 6, ages 35-25 and I did a mission trip to Guatemala, and was Heavily involved in our youth group for years (10)

      Charlie Rein

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