Corporate America Broken–Opportunity Knocking

Last night I met with about 25 people in a Million dollar home in Raleigh, they also have a 3000sq/ft lake home. We were there to discuss and learn about one of the fastest growing Companies and opportunities in America. Remember how Microsoft grew as big as IBM, Google is Free yet makes billions, Dell created “dellioniares in austin” (I contract recruited for Dell in 97). Were you ever offered to get on the boat, or did you miss the boat entirely.

Well I came away knowing I have to “up my Game”, I was a small fry hanging with Millionaires and treated like an equal…where does that happen. I met some impressive people and everyone was talking openly and sharing. Doctors, accountants, business owners, entrepreneurs and just working people. Talking about sharing, training working together, team work, business building… I have to “up my Game” I want to be on the starting team, and it starts by learning and practicing with the “A Team”

So the question is, is your career in the Majors, Division 1, or just in the stands watching the game?

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