Election years and employment

In the heat of an Election, will we have a employment recovery?

As a professional Recruiter with 25+ years of Engineering and Software recruiting the market is picking up but it is the demand for people with 5-10 years experience with very specific skills. Not the generalist, not the average, but the Engineering Software Elite.

After a Summer of trying to hire talent from the competitor and losing talent to fast growing Firms, Companies will have to broaden their search and possibly bring on some entry 0-2 years experience.

In the areas of Highly skilled 5 year experienced people it will be a candidate market where people will be getting multiple offers and salary exceeding the midpoint standards of the market.

The recruiting staffs will find that hiring talent will be much harder than than the ease of picking and choosing who ever sends in a resume. The turnover will be high due to no or low salary increases, and the phone will be ringing for high demand talent.

So the market will not create many new opportunities, but just high demand for “the right stuff”.

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