Empire Avenue Merry Christmas

As we enter the Holidays, we can look back on 2011and evaluate whether we had a Great Year, A Good Job or just got buy in some tough times.

I have met some great new people Personally and OnLine, and have learned more about Blogging, Internet,Socialization and generally all thing technology through EmpireAvenue than any other WEB site.

So (E)CharlieRein is buying all playing partners to 200 until I upgrade


And In being Thankful, I will be with all my beautiful wife of 35 years, Children (6) Daughters/Sons-in-Laws (4) and Grandchildren (2.5) tomorrow for 10 hours EATING, HUGGING, LAUGHING, REMINISCING and mostly Thanking God for all our Blessings.

Taking my wife to work this morning, Klove was talking about Fisher House a National Program to house Families of Veterans in Recovery. I had heard about them and checked them out and will be supporting this Misnistry.


Support the Other 1% who serve and deserve much more.

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