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Getting off the Grid

What is your Carbon Footprint?

Here is a calculator

Based on All the Global Warming trends and Statistics, you either care about the environment but do nothing, or you may be radical and try every possible way to cut your footprint and get off the grid.

Do to the Global Economy, The Internet, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, we are truly becoming a small world where today you can Skype anyone, anywhere in the world. Third world countries will never be wired but either will our children. The Land line will slowly disappear, but we be evermore connected through Smart Phones: Iphone and Android will be the communication fields.

As America shifts to a Service Economy, building a career or business that can be done from a cell phone or a computer will be where the jobs and opportunities of the future will be created. Major companies have not fully adapted to “TRUST” their employees to work 40 hours from home, and the expectation to work 40 hours from home is much higher than the actual Company employee who goes to work and only actually is productive for 25-30 hours a week.

So what if you could really “Work From Home”! Cut down to one vehicle, get off the Grid (solar panels, geothermal, windmill, increased R Factor, Garden, food shipped in, privacy, security, low taxes, less auto insurance, write of your home office) All the cost related to going to work for a CAREER or JOB (Just Over Broke) where raises and bonuses are nil or very small.

So if getting off the grid would be nice, what is your plan?

Take a look at this:

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