investing in yourself on Empire Avenue

by Charlie on October 4, 2011

The best thing about EAv is the constant learning about all things Social Media, from the players and their Web sites and blogs.
I have been off site working for the last two weeks and saw my shares rop from my high of 56+ to a 53 low. Are currently back and will be working on my blog and connecting and looking to break out of the 50’s
Not sure how to really climb but I guess I am tracking up slowly and recently joined a fast growing company with exceptional commission plan:
here are my stats and I Read and invest back on my notifications.
Burlington, NC , United States
Portfolio Value12. Sep19. Sep26. Sep3. Oct0M1M2M
Portfolio Value1,463,628.184 ( +12,261.03 )
Weekly Earnings:2,181.77 (-183)
Yesterday’s Investment Earnings:12,069.61
Investment Earnings / Wk:72,542.60 (+1455)
109 Empire Avenue Actions this week (31 today)
23 Facebook Posts, 4 Comments, 2 Likes this week (7 posts today)
18 Tweets posted this week (5 today)
1 Videos posted to YouTube this week

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