investing in yourself on Empire Avenue

The best thing about EAv is the constant learning about all things Social Media, from the players and their Web sites and blogs.
I have been off site working for the last two weeks and saw my shares rop from my high of 56+ to a 53 low. Are currently back and will be working on my blog and connecting and looking to break out of the 50’s
Not sure how to really climb but I guess I am tracking up slowly and recently joined a fast growing company with exceptional commission plan:
here are my stats and I Read and invest back on my notifications.
Burlington, NC , United States
Portfolio Value12. Sep19. Sep26. Sep3. Oct0M1M2M
Portfolio Value1,463,628.184 ( +12,261.03 )
Weekly Earnings:2,181.77 (-183)
Yesterday’s Investment Earnings:12,069.61
Investment Earnings / Wk:72,542.60 (+1455)
109 Empire Avenue Actions this week (31 today)
23 Facebook Posts, 4 Comments, 2 Likes this week (7 posts today)
18 Tweets posted this week (5 today)
1 Videos posted to YouTube this week

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