Meta Data Management Consultant

Meta Data Management Consultant

Position Requirements

  1. Strong understanding of the managed meta data environment (MME) and its architectural components.
  2. Ability to work at multiple levels of a meta data management project, including defining the meta data management architecture, managing the meta data project, mentoring meta data developers, etc.
  3. Implement meta data standards for the developers to ensure completeness and accuracy
  4. Knowledge and/or hands-on experience with meta data management tools such asIBM’s MetaStage, Informatica’s SuperGlue, CA Advantage Repositories, ASG Rochade, Adaptive, MetaMatrix or DAG MetaCenter
  5. Data governance functional and practical knowledge
  6. Validate meta data content in collaboration with the respective data stewards
  7. Classify and enrich meta data requirements to ensure performance and functionality of the meta data management system for future releases
  8. Design architecture for future enhancements
  9. A qualified candidate will need to participate in data architecture related tasks such as:
    1. Design conceptual data model business requirements
    2. Design logical and physical data model
    3. Create documents to explain the data models
    4. Walk-through the data model and accompanying documentation with technical architects and business users
  10. Candidate will possess experience in data modeling and development with DBMS
  11. Candidate must possess strong analytical skills for effective problem solving, excellent written and verbal communication skills, good client presence, and work well in a team environment.
  12. BS degree (Computer Science concentration preferred) or equivalent experience required

Beneficial Job Skills

  1. Sound knowledge of master data management strategy, techniques and approaches
  2. Assist in the development of the back-end of the managed meta data environment (the process of getting data into the meta data repository), extracting meta data from its sources and programmatically integrating it into a database
  3. Delivery for the front end of theMetadata repository, extracting meta data from the repository and presenting it using client web applications

Important Information

  1. has an extensive interviewing process that includes workshop testing
  2. Background checks and drug screening are performed
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