OK so everyone is trying to figure out how to make money on the internet….but it is so confusing. Everyone is selling but no one is answering the phone. As a Matter of fact you cannot even find a phone number. Buy this link and make $10,000 a month, click here and earn money! But what are they selling?

MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Direct sales, network marketing.

Who actually gets credit for making a Sale? Does the VP of Marketing claim all the success of $million dollar sales campaign or does the “President Club” top producer claim the accolades and commission directly related to their closed deals.

The 80-20 rule applies in all things, 20% of the sales people are responsible for 80% of the business, and the top sales person may make $500k plus and the lowest sales person may make $100k.

Does the call center customer Service rep get much credit for the constant pressure to up-sell?

Does the Marketing team and the advertisers create the flow of Customers/Prospects to generate direct sales or viable customer leads?

I am a head hunter!!!!! To be successful it takes cold calling passive candidates to deliver the talent Companies are willing to PAY for.

SO….stay tuned for the How to make money on the INTERNET $!$!$!$!$!$!$

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