Not What You Have Got, but What You have Given!

As we go through life, we move slower, we begin to think slower and forget things…where are my keys.

Life and the JOB begin to not seem as exciting as it once was.  Getting up for work is not exciting, we think about 5:00 PM instead of 8:00 AM.  The challenge is gone, the salary is stagnant and the promotions are a thing of the past.  We have reached a point where our 40 hours are just a number filling a time slot. calculated by tasks and “man Hours”

We look at our life and our family and possessions, and think statistically are we part of the 50+% of broken families scattered around the country and barely speaking to each other, the job where we have 20-30 year co-workers and maybe no real friends, personal relationships.

“Hey, let’s get together for lunch!” and never call or get called.  Two ships passing in the foggy night.

SO what do you have left…you can reach out to others and give:


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