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Did you ever wonder why Corporate Salaries get so high?  To stimulate Sales and Production. all companies have to have programs that will create incentives for Performance and Growth.
During my 30 year career as a professional recruiter, I have interviewed and met some people who had some very interesting jobs.
One of the different jobs that looked good on the resume and at in the same time was probably a waste of  corporate money, was a Person working in Executive Corporate Compensation.
The person in question was an MBA Human Resource Management from a major Ivy League university. He was working as an executive compensation analyst for the Disney Corporation.
He nonchalantly described his job as,”I’m the guy who makes sure the Disney CEO gets paid on all the Disney products, you know; movies, marketing, little Mickey’s.”
“a penny here a penny there, it adds up”.
I’m sure that in studying for his Ivy League MBA, he could never visualize that his job as a compensation analyst would be tracking the nickels and dimes that actually are going to the CEOs.  But then again maybe they did teach that at the Ivy League University.
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