Sales and Cold calling

I have worked in Sales for most of my career with the bulk in Technical Recruiting. If you are not cold calling in recruiting you are not making a living. Software/Engineers who are happily employed are not calling or sending their resumes out. You have to find them, and then you get one chance to make a good impression. If you are a industry specialist, you get your foot in the door because you talk their game, their competitors, etc.

Then you get a few minutes, and maybe a referral….but most engineers are pretty tight lipped. So you build rapport and find their hot spot and keep them in your call back tickle file. Say thanks, hang up and then dial the next.

In Corporate America the communications landscape has changed, no one answers their office phone, so you send email, and that is like spam (unless they are actually looking for what you are selling).  So now you have to get their Cell Phone.  It makes it tough but the High Commission Sales Person knows the game and adapts, and keeps their numbers up

All sales is a very methodical and a numbers game, how many calls, contacts, interviews, offers, closes.  So 50-100 dials 10 contact to 1 possible candidate.  This translates to most sales. Except in recruiting getting the interview is just starting the other side of the deal.

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