The 1%’ers

Bankers and the Rich Speak up!!!!!

As a Kid I was not very coordinated and hence not very good athletically, you know, Skinny kid, runny nose, last picked, last out, LOSER. OK kids are brutal and some of them were my FRIENDS.

But I grew up and no one believes that losing is FUN, I am a Expert Skier, I have done many Running races and triathlons, can swim a mile or more, and successfully coached Little League Baseball for over 10 years. Kid’s don’t care much but they usually enjoy winning better.

So about the 1% ers. I prefer to set my goals and aspire to be in that group. Not really excited to be in the Lower 25%, or 50%. Remember school A was smart, B was OK, C was are you awake, D was loser and F was well……

We do have a Executive Compensation/Employee discrepancy that continues to grow, but that is a Corporate Hiring Compensation Collusion problem, and it grows because Corporate Executives globally create their compensation plans based on what everyone makes so we all deserve raises.

So it is not the 1%’ers fault, but we should aspire to learn how they got there and teach that to future generations.

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4 Responses to The 1%’ers

  1. Melody says:

    Interesting take on it. Some take the attack personally when it is not a personal attack. I believe the issue centers on the fact that the 1%ers make more money and pay less taxes… there in lies the problem. If the 1%ers paid the correct adjusted tax rates, as they have had to in the past, there would be no reason for any attacks. Alas, it isn’t so. In a correlation to the lower 50% income and rate of tax I am sure the 1%ers pay a fraction and walk away with so much more, how is that fair to anyone? Thoughts?

    • steve says:

      Hi Melody, I believe the problem is not wealth but the tax system. I am small business and I can work 60 plus hours a week or more, and When my tax dollars are used to support non workers, freeloaders, bad govt programs. I don’t want to share. I have 6 children and 8 brothers and sisters I don’t share in their wealth. The American Education system didn’t educate people to be skilled, so there are many problems that are causal.

  2. fred says:

    Don’t knock the ultra rich if you are going to stand in lines for days to give them $300 or more for a shoe that’s not worth $40 or stand in line all night to be the 1st to buy a $600 dollar phone that the price will drop in half a couple weeks after, you are the reason they are the ultra rich.

    • steve says:

      Fred, I do not knock the 1% ers, I aspire to be one, and a Senior Coffee at Mickie D’s is .53 cents and Starbucks in $1.95

      People go to work and spend their checks on what they want or like. The economics are Crazy and LeBron’s new Shoes are $$$300+++ who are they marketing to?

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