Career Optimization: The debates and your career

In business and public conversations we are all aware of certain TABOO’S and potential damaging areas that can be detrimental to a persons career.

The Big two (2) are Religion and Politics!  That said, we cannot be civic minded without at least checking in and knowing what is going on.

So how does this latest debate: Biden VS Ryan,  have anything to do with your career?

  •    Perception: the winner is dependent on the party any individual belongs to!       Democrats, Biden was strong; Republicans, Biden was rude.
  •    Perception/your career: You think you are a good employee, but your review is   average!
  •    Perception: People vote for the President so the VP debate does not matter.
  •    Perception/your career: If your boss leaves, you actually are starting over with the new boss.
  •    Perception: Different News has Different views CNN VS FOX.
  •    Perception/your career: an early career faux pas can stay with you depending on the management who control your career.

So even though you don’t have to debate to advance your career, you do have to maintain a certain level of performance. And to climb the corporate ladder, you have to be on the right team to get the visibility and opportunities to advance.

As these Politicians debated to win their next role, you must develop and market your talents to advance your career and earnings.

This year I joined a Mentoring and Training Program with Ann Sieg and the DMC+ team. While the focus is to build my business, it is generic in understanding marketing and applying it to any aspect of live.

If you would like to know more about how mentoring and coaching could help your career or business, I am offering a free copy of the Marketing Manifesto (PDF) by Ann Sieg.

This book could help change your view on how to make yourself more marketable as TALENT in your skills sets.


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