“What’s  in it for ME” at GBG

Everyone remembers the line in Jerry McGuire “Show  me the Money”

As a professional recruiter dealing with Technical professionals in the $100-300k range, the final decision is often decided over less than a few thousand dollars.

Small technology companies, start-ups and private companies can offer many incentives that large established companies cannot including aggressive bonus, stock option plans, hiring bonus and even free lunch, etc.

All companies large and small are stuck with the Salary Mid Point conundrum.

Pick any University and any degree and with a little variable on high COLA’s areas and the recruiting dilemma is  “our midpoint is $105k for this position and we cannot bring someone on board and pay more than our above average performers from the same school/degree.” The problem lies in the fact that a 5 year engineer at Dell makes a midpoint salary and his counterpart at HP makes the same within 2-3 thousand dollars.

We have been in a recession for almost 3 years, so what are the current salary increase 2-3%?

So how do you get ahead?

1 Get a better degree—-( at what cost and ROI) doesn’t always work

2 Work more hours—–Salaried  40 hour pay for 60 hour week…where do you find the time

3 Get a part time job

4 Get yourself and spouse working two jobs

5 pay off credit cars, manage money

6 Save money to earn money on your money

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